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EPAL (the European Pallet Association) was created 1991 to help European railways to maintain quality assurance throughout Europe and to standardise checks for the EURO pallet.

The EPAL standard

EURO pallets that bear the EPAL quality mark which certifies that they have been checked by EPAL offer security in all areas.

Only EURO pallets whose quality has been checked by EPAL guarantee a regular flow of merchandise - everywhere and in all locations. Both within your company and internationally - for transportation and storage.

The EURO pallets produced by EPAL-approved manufacturers are subject to strict inspection procedures at regular intervals.

All the pallets checked by EPAL are marked with a staple that bears the EPAL trademark.

Based on the assurance of a standardised quality for EURO pallets, the "EPAL System" is a poll that is open to various business sectors that participate in pallet exchange.

The François Group and EPAL standards

The EPAL-certified companies in the François Group are: