Energy area

Energy Area

Tree photosynthesis

The energy produced when wood is burnt corresponds to the solar energy that is efficiently stored during photosynthesis. As the quantity of CO2 emitted during burning is not greater than the quantity previously stored, burning wood has no effect on the level of atmospheric CO2.


With us, wood is used in a dignified and complete manner. The use of products closely related to the production and transformation of wood or wooden products at the end of their useful life is a source of energy that represents the final link in a wood life cycle that is "good". Instead of losing such energy by getting rid of the wood at the end of its useful life* by throwing it away, this fuel provides a substitute for fossil fuels, as it has a neutral CO2 environmental impact. Before it spreads out into the atmosphere, the CO2 is absorbed whilst the tree is growing. So banning words does not contribute either to global warming or to increasing the greenhouse effect (provided that forest cover regeneration is ensured). 

* It must be understood that under no circumstances will high-quality wood (timber, packaging timber, etc.) be able to be used for combustion.  It is well advised, wherever possible, to use wood as a construction material. Would as a material therefore plays a role in storing carbon.