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The handling pallet is a product intended to facilitate the handling, storage and transportation of merchandise. Its shape allows a pallet truck to be used when handling.

At the beginning of the 21st century, there is a material which has never been as modern, as recyclable and as eco-friendly as the one with which we work - wood. And contrary to received wisdom, wooden pallets do not destroy Belgian forests. In fact, the reverse is true. If wood comes from forests, we should never forget that humans make it live. Humans plant it, maintain it, protect it, enhance it, use it and above all, replant it. In a sensible and reasoned way. Today, foresters and wood product manufacturers like us manage forests as if we were cultivating our garden. From season to season. From year to year. From generation to generation.

Naturally, to be 100% wood, our pallets should be assembled using mortice and tenon joints and wooden dowels. But then we couldn't guarantee you all of the qualities which characterise François products. This is why we use steel nails for which we have developed a nailing assembly line which is unique in Europe, capable of assembling more than 5,000 pallets per day.
So, our products are not only as solid as steel - our production is lightning-fast as well. This allows us to work in "direct logistics flow" and to supply any order to you within record timeframes.

In brief, all along the way, we are able to provide you with a tailor-made solution. And what's even better: as well as our palettes, we also produce wooden pallet collars, all sizes of crates and other transportation packaging. Always with care for the quality, steadiness and reliability that characterise our products.