Belgian Recycling Pallets (BRP)

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Route de Longwy, 418

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Second-hand pallets

Pallet collection

We can organise collection from your site, on request or on a periodic basis, either using our own collection resources (Ampirol trucks, curtain-sided lorries, flatbeds, containers) or subcontracted resources (tailgate-lift vehicles).  

We can therefore collect your pallets, flakeboards, pallet collars and tops using fully- or half-loaded trucks so they can be reconditioned, along with your wood waste, in order to salvage them in our cogeneration units.

Equipment available:

  • 7.4 m Flat trucks
  • 15 to 30 m³ skips
  • Articulated lorries


All types of packaging are unloaded at one of our sites according to their source and type.

Batches received are sorted by type, format and quality in various sorting areas according to their origin.

Pallets, flakeboards, pallet collars and tops made of wood are identified and then sorted into 3 categories:

"Good": marketable as they are;

"Broken": repairable and then marketable;

"Irrecoverable": will be crushed and sent to our cogeneration units.

Plastic flakeboards and metal racks are sorted and washed.


Our repair engineers repair the pallets according to:

  • standards currently in force for pallets that have technical specifications
  • your wishes, with an understanding of your packaging use